Father's Day


Calling all DAD’s – At Merridale we are giving a shout out to you on Father’s Day! 


If you are looking for a craft, local, and delicious gift (or maybe a gift for yourself - Certainly no harm in that), look no further. Rum lovers rejoice! Our rich and unique Rhumb will give your liquor cabinet that little something extra. In fact, it isn’t even distributed in government liquor store. It’s immensely tasty, and incredibly smooth. But first, you may be wondering why we spell our Rhumb with an “h” and a “b”.  Fair enough.  click here to learn the story behind our Rhumb

Special discount for Rhumb purchases

As a special bonus for dads, we are offering a 10% discount on bottles purchased when you join us for the fully paired 3 course dinner or fully paired 2 course lunch, Friday through Sunday.  Just show us your receipt at the bar counter, and we will happily gift 10% off in honour of dad.  We will even bring it to the table.  Just make sure that dad isn’t picking up the tab. 

Treat Dad to Lunch  – June 18th to June 20th 

Our special Father’s Day Lunch can be found here. A special 2 course deal at $28 OR $38 with pairings. Our regular menu will also be available throughout the day from 11 until 8. Please note, we don’t take reservations for lunch, although we do have a large amount of patio seating capacity. Seating availability is based on our capacity and covid safety rules.  Also note, if Dad wants to bring one of his best friends (AKA the family dog), we have a number of picnic tables on the front lawn. Outside we offer a reduced menu with some limitations on the bar menu, but it’s a great way to have more space and be with that beloved furry member of your family.

Treat Dad to Dinner  – June 18th to June 20th 

For Dinner, we do take reservations and we highly recommend you go on line to make them. We don’t want to disappoint anyone! In fact, the homage to dad will go all weekend long, Friday June 18th to Sunday June 20th. Yes, we know the big day is just the 20th, but why not pick up a few extra days for Dad. He’s worth it, right? In honour of dad, we are offering a 3 course dinner for $42, and with pairings for each course at $70. For those with smaller appetites or not wanting the entire meal, we are also offering the courses separately. The full meal deal, though, is very reasonably priced and quite the adventure for the palette. Take a look. We think your taste buds will convince your stomach. 

A walk in the orchard

And at the end of your feast, or maybe pre-feast to work up an appetite, we encourage family walks around the orchard. It’s entertaining, educationally, and a great way to get your steps for the day. Yes, four legged friends are welcome to join you on the walk as long as they are leashed. We are animal and dog lovers at Merridale. 




Father's Day Lunch Feast

Two courses for $28

Add pairings ~ $38

Lunch Feast will be served from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

We are not taking reservations for Father's Day lunch.

Regular menu will also be available 

Lunch Feast items are also available for individual purchase.


Sandwich ~ $17

Buffalo chicken burger, homemade ranch, blue cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato.

Bowl ~ $17

Farmer’s sausage, deep fried hashbrowns, onion, peppers, mushrooms, aged cheddar, 2 basted eggs, house made jalapeno ranch, multigrain toast.

Pizza ~ $17

Ham, salami, bacon, onion, garlic confit, mozzarella, white cheddar.


Pairing ~ $12

Merridale Spiced Rhumb cocktail. 


Bacon Chocolate Cream Pie ~ $12

Candied bacon chocolate cream pie  


Dinner at Merridale

Three courses ~$42.00

Add pairings ~ $70

Father's Day Dinner Feast & Reservations are offered between 4:00 - 8:00 PM

Regular menu will also be available. 

Dinner Feast items will be available for individual purchase.

If you are purchasing full Dinner Feast + Pairings you will recieve 10% your additional purchase of our Cowichan Spiced Rhumb.

Appies & Snacks

BBQ Glazed Meatballs ~ $12

House-made horseradish jelly & BBQ glazed meatballs.

Jalapeno Poppers ~ $12

Jalapeno popper stuffed mushroom caps, or farmhouse sausage.


Appetizer Pairing ~ $12

Rhumb Cocktail

Main Pairing ~ $8.5

Pint of Blue Buck Beer or Traditional Cider

Dessert Pairing ~ $12

Cowichan Cider Brandy.


BBQ Beef Brisket ~ $24

BBQ beef brisket with twice baked potato, caramelized onion & mushroom gravy with fresh veggies.

BBQ Baby-back Ribs ~ $24

Pear brandy ginger BBQ baby-back ribs, house made Caesar salad with crumbled bacon, tortilla crisps &roasted potato wedges.

Italian Bolognese ~ $24

Italian Bolognese sauce, tagliatelle noodles, parmesan, basil & garlic bread.


Bacon Chocolate Cream Pie ~ $12

Candied bacon chocolate cream pie