More Orchard in Every Glass

Merridale ciders are farm-crafted in Cowichan using just apples and yeast for pure, orchard-fresh taste. No added sulphites or preservatives, and naturally gluten-free.

The right apples in the right place

Our 20-acre orchard in Cobble Hill, Cowichan, on Vancouver Island has the perfect terroir for growing cider apples. The unique microclimate in Cowichan means that we can take full advantage of a long, slow growing season that allows us to cultivate bitter-sharp and bittersweet cider apples.

While our apples aren’t great for eating, their high tannin content means they’re tart and flavourful, enabling us to transform them into delicious, full-bodied ciders. We proudly grow Tremlett’s Bitter, Michelin, Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, Chisel Jersey, Kermerien, Julienne, Judaine, Frequin Rouge and Hauxapfel; varieties that have been proven as perfect cider apples for centuries in England, France and Germany.

Orchard-fresh and slow-fermented

Our all-natural ciders are made from apples grown in our orchard and are made from 100% pure juice. Only the first pressing is used! We don’t add water or re-press the apples to increase the yield because we believe this compromises the flavour. Over time, we ferment our juice slowly and naturally to delicately bring out the flavour of the fruit – with nothing added.

Find it near you

We understand that not everyone can stop by our farm regularly to fill a growler! Not to worry, we’ve carefully packaged our ciders to best maintain the taste and stability. Find them at any of these speciality liquor stores across BC and Alberta. You can also find our cider on tap at many of BC's finest pub, breweries and restaurants.

Apples. Yeast. And, nothing else.

Why plastic? orchard-fresh apple taste, of course!

We are proud to offer unpasteurized and sulphite-free ciders. Why? Because it’s authentic, fresh, and pure! They do take a little more love and care in production, shipping and storage, but the difference in taste makes it all worth it. Unpasteurized ciders can re-ferment if mishandled, which can increase the pressure inside the bottle. For that reason, we package our unpasteurized ciders in plastic bottles to avoid any risk of explosion should re-fermentation occur.




Convenience without compromise. Pure craft on the go.

Our 473ml tall cans are the perfect way to enjoy a taste of Merridale solo or at the end of a long day while you’re out on an adventure. Thanks to our slow pasteurization process, these products are delicious and can be safely left out of the fridge.