Cowichan Rhumb

Cowichan Rhumb


This delicious amber spirit exhibits a balance of caramel and wood on the nose and a smoothness that will encourage you to drink it neat. Or enjoy it mixed with anything that makes you think of warmer climates. 43% ABV

Why Rhumb and not Rum? 
Because ours isn’t made from sugarcane. It’s made from 100% BC Honey! Named for a “rhumb line,” a method for plotting a ship’s course with a constant bearing, our Rhumbs are the culmination of a 4-year journey to craft smooth rum from BC grown products. First, the honey is caramelized to give it more depth and character, then fermented. Once the fermentation is complete, it is distilled slowly in our small batch copper still and barrel-aged in oak at our farm in Cobble Hill. When it has reached the right balance of smoothness and character, we reduce it very slowly at low temperatures to maintain the fresh aromas. 

Did you know?
Our Master Distiller, Laurent Lafuente, worked for over 7 years in some of the best Caribbean rum distilleries. He’s brought that expertise and passion to the Merridale team, and has helped us to craft these two award-winning delicious Rhumbs.

Winner of a Bronze Medal with Distinction in the Rum Class at the 2022 Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition

Winner of a Bronze Medal in the Rum Class at the 2021 Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition

Winner of a Silver Medal in the Rum Class at the 2020 Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition