Farm-to-Table meets Orchard-to-Glass

The Eatery at Merridale

Merridale's Eatery is open seated dining! Click here to view our  COVID-19 plan.

Our eatery is wide open to the orchard and offers an open air patio to allow for social distancing. It is where all of our offerings come together sumptuously: outstanding food, drink and ambiance. Overlooking the orchard meadow, our Eatery offers casual comfort food and British pub-style counter service. We are fairly casual at the Eatery. Come up to the bar to order and we’ll take care of you. Then sit back, relax, and we’ll bring everything to you. We are very passionate about our craft and love to talk about it! If you’d like to know which cider or cocktail pairs well with your food choice, please ask. We are also still offering a grab and go menu of items that are packed and ready to take home to enjoy later or freeze for the future.


We are currently only taking reservations for our dinner service from 4pm to 8pm. See link below to make your reservation. 
Reservations are not required for lunch or brunch. 

Appies & Snacks

Brick Oven Bread ~ 12

Served with assorted house-made Chutneys

* Vegetarian
* Dairy-free

Charcuterie Board ~ 34

An assortment of cured meats and select cheeses, dried fruit, nuts,
assorted house-made Chutneys*, Cyser Mustard*, Assorted Pickles*, Brick Oven
Bread* and Fruit & Nut Crisps*

* Dairy-free available
* Gluten-free available

Hummus & Naan ~ 13

Fresh-made roasted red pepper hummus served with warm house-made naan bread. 

Add warm house-marinated Olives ~ 8

Add warm house-marinated olives to our Brick Oven Bread,  Hummus & Naan or our Chacuterie Board

* Vegetarian
* Dairy-free
* Gluten-free

Merridale House Salad ~ 16

Mixed garden greens, shredded beet and carrot, house-smoked cheddar, toasted pumpkin seeds. Served with Merridale vinaigrette

* Gluten-free
* Dairy-free available
* Vegetarian


Scrumpy Chicken Pot Pie ~ 18

House-made pastry filled with chicken, celery, carrots, green peas and creamy Scrumpy cider sauce. Served with Merridale House salad.

Cauliflower Chickpea Curry ~ 18

House-made pastry filled with cauliflower, chickpeas, and coconut milk, and midly spicy curry. Served with a side of Merridale House salad.

Steak & Mushroom Pie ~ 18

House-made pastry filled with a rich steak and mushroom filling. Served with a side of Merridale House salad.

Apple Brie Melt ~ 16

Toasted Brick Oven Bread topped with Apple Onion Chutney, brie, cider gasterique and arugula. Served with choice of Merridale house salad or soup

* Gluten-free available

Merridale Clubhouse Sandwich ~ 18

Toasted Brick Oven Sourdough bread, roast chicken, smoked bacon, garlic aioli, aged cheddar, fresh tomato and arugula. Served with choice of Merridale house salad or soup


BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich ~ 17

Southwest style bbq pulled pork with house-made Pear Brandy BBQ sauce served on a brick oven sourdough ciabatta, with Scrumpy apple cider slaw. Served with choice of Merridale house salad or soup

Merridale Burger ~ 18

B.C. beef patty,Pear Brandy BBQ Sauce*, garlic herb aioli, dill pickle, arugula, tomato and red onion on house-made Brioche bun. Served with choice of Merridale house salad or soup
Substitute Chicken for $2
Add house-smoked cheddar for $3

* Gluten-free available

Lamb Burger ~ 18

House-made Lamb patty, Merridale signature sauce, dill pickle, arugula, red onion and pickled beet. Served on house-made Brioche bun. Served with choice of Merridale house salad or soup

Gluten-free available

Farmhouse Veggie Burger ~ 18

Black Bean patty, Smoked Tomato Chutney*, garlic herb aioli, dill pickle, arugula, tomato and red onion on house-made Brioche bun. Served with choice of Merridale house salad or soup
*Gluten-free available

Margherita Pizza ~ 18

Tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, bocconcini cheese, olive oil, balsamic reduction, salt

Gluten-free available

Prosciutto & Fig Pizza ~ 18

Tomato sauce, Prosciutto, dried figs, goat cheese, arugula and balsamic reduction

Gluten-free available

Meat Lover Pizza ~ 18

Assorted cured meats, tomato sauce, garlic confit, pickled peppers, bocconcini cheese, aged cheddar

*Gluten-free available

Daily Chalkboard Features ~ Varies

See chalkboard for details


Merridale Signature Apple Pie ~ 10

House made pastry, rich and tart apple filling, vanilla ice cream, salted caramel sauce, whipped cream. Prefer it English-style? Swap your ice cream for a cheddar slice for $2
> Whole Pies to take home for $30

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie ~ 10

House-made pastry, strawberry and rhubarb filling, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

Cheesecake ~ 11

Classic New York cheesecake served in a mason jar, graham crust, seasonal fruit compote and whipped cream.

Espresso Brownie ~ 10

Served with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and caramel sauce 

* Dairy-free

Kid's Menu

Grilled Cheese ~ 10

Brick Oven Sourdough*, mozzarella and aged cheddar. Served with apple wedges

Kids Pizza ~ 10

Choice of cheese or salami and cheese with tomato sauce

Gluten-free available

Ice Cream Bowl ~ 4

Bowl of vanilla ice cream with salted caramel sauce

Farmhouse French Toast ~ 10

Fresh brick oven French Toast served with fruit compote and whipped cream

Add ons

Bacon ~ 5
Chicken Breast ~ 8
Cheese ~ 3
House-made Breakfast Sausage ~ 5
Gluten Free Bun or Pizza Crust ~ 5


All-Day Brunch
Farmhouse French Toast ~ 15

House made sourdough with strawberry rhubarb topping, whipped cream and graham cracker crumble

Southwest Breakfast Bowl ~ 17

Southwest style BBQ pulled pork served on top of hash with two basted eggs and served with sourdough toast

Breakfast Sandwich ~ 17

House Sausage, fried egg, arugula, tomatoes and Merridale signature sauce on house made ciabatta bun

Breakfast Charcuterie Board ~ 29

Sausage, smoky bacon, French toast strips, brick oven bread, Merri Berri Jam, Apple Butter, maple syrup, Brie cheese, house seasoned yoghurt, graham cracker crumble, fresh scones

On Tap

Scrumpy 11% ~ Glass ~ 6 Sleeve ~ 9

Strong, sharp and rich in flavour with a very dry finish; aged in American oak

Traditional 7% ~ Glass ~ 6 Sleeve ~ 8 Pint ~ 9

A dry, balanced, English pub-style cider

Cowichan Dry 6% ~ Glass ~ 5 Sleeve ~7 Pint ~ 8

A perfect balance of sharps, bitters and a touch of fruitiness

House 6% ~ Glass ~ 5 Sleeve ~7 Pint ~ 8

A clean, fruit forward cider with a semi-dry finish

Mo’Moro 6% ~ Glass ~ 5 Sleeve ~ 7 Pint ~ 8

Dry hopped with Mosaic hops and refreshed with blood orange juice

Merri Berri 6% ~ Glass ~ 5 Sleeve ~ 7 Pint ~ 8

Semi-sweet cider with black current, cherry and raspberry juice

Cyser 10% ~ Glass ~ 6 Sleeve ~ 9

Sweet, rich blend of apples and apple blossom honey

Phillips Pilsner 5% ~ Sleeve ~ 7 Pint ~ 8

Malt-forward body balanced with crisp northwest hops


New World ~ 10

North American Style Ciders - Cowichan Dry, House, Merri Berri, Apple Dessert

Brandy Flight ~ 20

Our Full Brandy Line-Up - Elixir de Vie!, Cider Brandy, Cowichan XXO, Pear Brandy

Cocktail Flight ~ 18

Merridale Signature Cocktails - #Bliss, Honey Bee, Tiki Time, Smokey Fizz

Old World ~ 10

European Style Ciders - Scrumpy, Traditional, Cyser, Oaked Harvest

Your World ~ 10

Your Personalized Flight - Any four ciders and/or fortified ciders

Dried Out ~ 10

Our Drier Ciders - Scrumpy, Traditional, Cowichan Dry, House

Sweeter Cider Life ~ 10

Our Sweeter Offerings - Mo'Moro, Merri Berri, Cyser, Apple Dessert

Gin Mixologist Flight ~ 18

Two Gins + Two Tonics Each - Gin + House Tonic, Gin + Fever Tree, Copper Gin + House Tonic, Copper Gin + Fever Tree


Cowichan Caesar ~ 10

Cowichan Vodka or Cowichan Gin, Clamato, pickled garnish, spices

Upgrade garnish to Caesarcuterie for $4

#Bliss ~ 10

Cowichan Vodka, lavender lemon syrup, soda

Honey Bee ~ 10

Cowichan Copper Gin, Cyser Cider, lime juice, ginger syrup

Tiki Time ~ 10

Cowichan Rhumb, Rosemary Cinnamon syrup, Merri Berri, lime juice, Peychaud's Bitters

Juicy G& T ~ 10

Cowichan Gin, Merridale Tonic, Fennel Citrus Syrup

Harvest Brandy ~ 10

Merridale's signature cocktail featuring Apple Liquer, Cider Brandy, Cider Gastrique and Merridale's fresh pressed Apple Juice

Wine & Bubbly

House Red or White ~ 6oz: 7 9oz: 9.5

Ask to see our full wine menu

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Fresh Pressed Apple Juice ~ 7
Phillips Soda Works ~ 7

Choose from: Root Beer, Orange Cream, Ginger Ale

Merridale Signature Sodas ~ 7

Choose from: Lavender-Lemon, Ginger or Fennel Fizz

Drumroaster Coffee ~ 4
Tea ~ 4

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