Bakery & Deli

Please note, the farmhouse is closed for tours, tastings, shopping and meals during the month of January, reopening on February 1st, 2018.

Visit our farm store and browse our selection of fresh baked goods from our brick oven (available on Saturdays and Sundays), as well as delicious sauces, jams, and preserves created by our culinary team. You will also find our apple blossom honey, apple cider vinegar, and other favourites that we have become famous for! Click here to find ingredient lists for our in-house products.

Our brick oven is used to bake our breads, pastries, apple pies, and special occasion menus. From late spring through early fall, we also make pizza, particularly for our famed Sunday night pizza on the deck. Imagine relaxing in the orchard on one of our decks, listening to soft guitar music in the background while savouring brick oven baked pizza–it’s a little taste of heaven. The high temperatures in our brick oven cook the food very quickly and also produce a distinct flavour in our breads.

Our bread is also distinct because of the cider yeast that we use as a leavening agent. Live yeast is skimmed from our actively fermenting cider in the fall. Then, the yeast is kept alive year round and used in the bread. This live cider yeast is much different than commercial active dry yeast. Commercial yeast are fast acting and makes the bread rise quickly. The slow moving cider leaven makes the bread rise slowly thereby making it more dense with much greater body.