Merridale Eatery Makes Outstanding Meals.

Quick, what (almost) rhymes with “Cidery”? Well, at Merridale, the word is “Eatery”, and if you guessed that this means casual, pub-style comfort food, you’d be bang on.

At Merridale, we make dining easy. Yes, we have an evolving menu infused with fresh, local ingredients, but no, you don’t need a reservation and chances are you won’t have to wait to get a table. Just drop in, come to the counter, place your order and Bob’s your Uncle.

As you’ll discover, our menu is extensive and each item (not surprisingly) pairs beautifully with our wide selection of ciders and spirits. If you have a question, such as, “What exactly is ‘Scrumpy Pot Pie?’”, or “What is in the ‘Charcuterie Platter’?”, just ask when you’re placing your order. Your server will be happy to fill you in and, ultimately refill your glass.

Unless you’re a visitor from Mars, you may have already heard of Merridale’s legendary “Pizza Nights”. For more info on that, please visit our Evening Fare Page.

For groups of 10 or more, please contact us to learn about our group menus and options.