Take Us Home

Merridale Makes delicious Bread & Other Yummy Stuff you can take Home.

The brick oven that we use to make our legendary pizza is also put to good use making our very own pastries, apple pies and bread. Our bread is distinct because we actually use our own cider yeast as a leavening agent. Unlike fast-acting commercial dry yeasts that make bread rise quickly, ours makes the bread rise slowly, thereby making it denser and infinitely more delicious. Mmm.

Oh wait, what goes well with freshly-made Merridale bread? How about some of our own jams, preserves and sauces, such as Apple Blossom Honey and Apple Butter? Ask us about our other to-go items, like Apple Cider Vinegar, BBQ Sauce and Pickles too.

Click here to find ingredient lists for our in-house products.