Message in a Bottle

Merridale’s festival giveaway is back!

Find a Message in a Bottle and WIN tickets to Rock the Shores, Phillips Backyard Weekender, Skookum Festival, Rifflandia, and Merridale's Cider Harvest Festival! During the month of May, we’re hiding messages in bottles throughout southern Vancouver Island. Find a bottle, win tickets - it’s that simple.

We're hiding one bottle every Friday starting May 4th. Each bottle will be hidden somewhere on southern Vancouver Island. Tune into The Zone 91-3 and our social media channels every Friday for the first clue to the bottle's location. A new clue will be posted to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook every day until the bottle is found! Find the bottle, return it to Merridale, and win that week's festival tickets! The prizes are:

Friday, May 4th: two tickets to Rock the Shores

Friday, May 11th: two passes to Phillips Backyard Weekender

Friday, May 18th: two passes to Skookum Festival

Friday, May 25th: two Rifflandia Super Passes

Each week's winner will also receive two tickets to our Cider Harvest Festival on September 30th! Stay tuned to The Zone and our social media channels for clues to the bottles' locations. Clues will be released on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.