Pet Policy



We love animals, and we love to welcome furry visitors to our yurts. The fee to bring your best friend is $35 per night, and includes:

  • House made Doggie Biscuits.
  • Water and food bowls to use during your stay.
  • A furry friend designated blanket for snuggling up at night.

Here are a few rules that pets, and owners all need to abide by so the space can be enjoyed by all. Excuse us if the tone sounds harsh, but we think it’s important you know in advance and we are clear. 


  • Pets are not permitted on any of the furniture - Yes, that includes the bed. Please use the blanket provided if you didn’t bring a bed for your pet.


  • Do not leave your best friend alone in the yurt at any time. They will miss you, and it’s a rule.


  • To keep all pets safe, including your own, use a leash during walks or while in our courtyard. Many dogs can be on the property at any one time, including the resident dog, Cal.


  • Stick to the orchard path - Although it is tempting to let your dog run free in the orchard, don’t.  Our trees and orchard floor are sensitive. Besides, the pathway terrain isn’t bumpy like the orchard.


  • During your time in the farmhouse, please use the area we have created exclusively for your “four-legged” pet – that includes a horse if you have one. We call it the Hitching Post, and it’s located on the entry way in from the parking lot. 


  • Unfortunately, due to health regulations we cannot allow your pet into the Eatery – this also includes the covered patio areas. But thankfully, your pet can join you at the picnic tables in the courtyard.


  • As we are sure you understand, if your pet causes damage to the property, we will need to charge it to your credit card on file.


  • You must clean up after your pet. Scoop the poop, please - Everyone will thank you for that!


What your dog can do. 

  • Keep you company in the courtyard while enjoying food or drink at our picnic tables.


  • Take you for a walk around the orchard – grab the orchard walk map and you will learn some fun things along the way.


  • Enjoy the hitching post – your pet might even a meet a friend or two.


  • Have a peaceful sleep in the yurt with the blanket we have provided.


  • Enjoy the doggie biscuits included in our pet package – they are made on site, and you can find them in the farmhouse store.



By signing below, you agree to the pet fee of $35, our rules and policies, and to pay for any incurred damage costs by your furry friend.