A strong blend of sharp crab apples and tannic cider apples creates this distinctive, robust taste. Slowly fermented, aged to perfection in oak casks, then lightly carbonated to create the perfect craft sipping cider. 11% ABV 

If you’re a Scotch drinker, try this one. Winner of Gold & Silver North American Brewers Awards in Idaho Springs. Food Pairing Suggestions: Strong cheeses such as Blue or Goats Cheese, strong meats such as rabbit, or steak

But, what the heck does Scrumpy mean? Glad you asked! 
In medieval England, farmworkers would steal, or “scrump” apples from the land barons to make a strong thick cider for their own consumption.  This farmhouse cider became known as Scrumpy.  True to tradition, Merridale Scrumpy is made from high tannic apples that are slowly fermented to dry and then aged in oak.  Unlike the past, however, Merridale apples are grown at the farm and selected with care. 

Available UNPASTEURIZED in 1L bottles