Merridale on tap

Finally, Merridale's ciders are available on draft to enjoy at home or for your next event.

Merridale Keg Rental

Whether it is to enjoy in your kegerator at home or for a special event, we've got you covered with Merridale's kegged cider. We offer most of your favourite Merridale ciders in 19.5L pony kegs. Simply order your keg using our online store and pick it up at our Farmhouse in Cobble Hill.

**PLEASE NOTE - You are welcome to order more than one keg, but our online system can only accept one keg per order. So, you will need to create a separate order for each keg.**

Here's what we currently have on tap:

Merridale Traditional Craft Cider ~ Extra Dry ~
English-style cider made with the perfect blend of European cider apples grown in our own orchard. A dry effervescent cider with a good balance of body, fruitiness, tannins and refreshment.

Merridale Cowichan Dry Craft Cider ~Dry ~
A drier version of our revered House English pub-style cider. Crafted from a blend of English cider apples, it's a perfect balance between sharps and bitters with a touch of fruitiness.

Merridale House Craft Cider ~ Semi Dry~
A refreshing, effervescent apple-forward cider in true English pub style.

Merridale Mo'Moro Craft Cider ~Dry Hopped Blood Orange ~
An effervescent cider, dry hopped with Mosiac hops and refreshed with Moro Blood Orange juice.

Merridale Apple Pie Craft Cider ~ Semi Dry with Cinnamon Spice~
A slow fermented off-dry cider that beautifully combines local cider apples with touch of brown sugar and cinnamon spice.

Merridale Merri Berri Craft Cider ~ Fruity~
A refreshing blend of local apples fermented slowly, then blended with B.C. black currant, cherry and raspberry juices.


Frequently asked questions about personal keg rentals

How do I arrange the pick-up of my keg?

As we can only deliver to licensee establishments, we aren’t able to deliver a keg to your home, event or office. So, kegs can only be picked-up from our Farmhouse Cellar located at 1230 Merridale Road, Cobble Hill, BC. Pick-up must be arranged at least 2 business days in advance and the individual picking up the keg, must be at least 19 years of age. At check-out, you will be required to select a pick-up time.

How should I store my keg?

All of Merridale's draft ciders are unpasteurized and have no added chemicals or preservatives. We do this so that they retain their authentic, orchard-fresh taste. However, this means that they take a little more love and care in shipping and storage. In particular, they must be kept cold at all times (either refrigerated or packed with ice.)

How long will the cider stay fresh? 

Once your keg has been tapped using your rental hand pump, your cider will stay fresh for approximately 12 hours. If you are using a kegerator or home set-up, it can last much longer. If you have any questions regarding keg freshness, please email us at [email protected]

How many servings are in one keg?

Each keg contains 19.5L, which is equivalent to 660oz and works out to 55 12-ounce glasses of cider.

What are the dimensions and weight of each keg?

Weight (full): 54.2 lbs / 24.6 kilos
Weight (empty): 10.2 lbs / 4.6 kilos
Height: 21.9 in / 55.6 cm
Diameter: 9.3 in / 23.6 cm

Do I need a permit?

Special Occasion Permits are required if you are planning an event where you will be serving or selling beverage alcohol at any location which is not a licensed establishment or a private place or residence.


Have other questions? We can help! Please email us at [email protected] or call 250-743-4293 ext. 1.