Explore our Ciders, Spirits and Fortified Ciders

The Tasting Bar at Merridale

Explore the wide selection of Merridale's craft ciders, craft spirits and fortifieds at our Tasting Bar. In our bright and roomy lounge, we’d love to introduce you to our cider and cocktail flights , as well as our cocktails, and cool ciders. We also aren’t afraid to show off some of our neighbours’ award-winning wines and beers – we are lucky to have such talent on this island! Whether it’s a fresh-from-the-tap cider, a shaken (or stirred) martini or one of our brandies, you’re guaranteed a tasting experience that’s worth texting home about. 

Our team is happy to answer questions, make suggestions, and assist with cider and spirit purchasing decisions! It’s easy to pick your favourite when you are surrounded by our library of cider and spirit offerings while you relax at our high tops or comfy chairs. 


New World Cider Flight ~ 10

New American Style Ciders: House Dry, House, Merri Berri, Apple Dessert Cider

Old World Cider Flight ~ 10

European Style Ciders: Scrumpy, Traditional, Cyser, Oaked Harvest Cider

Your World Cider Flight ~ 10

Your Personalized Flight. Choose any 4 from our current selection of ciders and fortifieds

Dried Out ~ 10

Our Drier Ciders: Scrumpy, Traditional, Cowichan Dry, House

Sweeter Cider Life ~ 10

Our Sweeter Offerings: Seasonal, Merri Berri, Cyser, Apple Dessert

Brandy Flight ~ 20

1/2 oz pours of our award winning craft brandies:
Cherry Brandy
Cowichan Cider Brandy
Oaked Harvest Brandy
Cowichan Pear Brandy

Cocktail Flight ~ 18

Four mini cocktail creations: #Bliss, Honey Bee, Tiki Time, Smokey Fizz

Gin Mixologist Flight ~ 18

Gin + House Tonic, Gin + Fever Tree, Copper Gin + House Tonic, Copper Gin + Fever Tree

On Tap

Scrumpy 11% ~ Glass ~ 6 Sleeve ~ 9

Strong, sharp & rich in flavour; aged in American oak with a very dry finish

Traditional 7% ~ Glass ~ 6 Sleeve ~ 8 Pint ~ 9 Litre ~ 17

A dry, balanced, English pub-style cider

Cowichan Dry 6% ~ Glass ~ 5 Sleeve ~ 7 Pint ~ 8

A perfect balance of sharps, bitters and a touch of fruitiness

House 6% ~ Glass ~ 5 Sleeve ~ 7 Pint ~ 8

A clean, fruit forward cider with a semi-dry finish

Mo’Moro 6% ~ Glass ~ 5 Sleeve ~ 7 Pint ~ 8

Dry hopped with Mosaic hops & refreshed with blood orange juice

Merri Berri 6% ~ Glass ~ 5 Sleeve ~ 7 Pint ~ 8

Semi-sweet cider with black current, cherry and raspberry juice

Cyser 10% ~ Glass ~ 6 Sleeve ~ 9

Sweet, rich blend of apples & apple blossom honey

Phillips Pilsner 5% ~ Sleeve ~7 Pint ~ 8

Malt-forward body balanced with crisp northwest hops


#Bliss ~ 10

Cowichan Vodka, lavender lemon syrup, soda

Cowichan Caesar ~ 10

Cowichan Vodka or Cowichan Gin, Clamato, pickled garnish, spices
> Upgrade garnish to Caesarcuterie for $4

Honey Bee ~ 10

Cowichan Gin, Hop Honey syrup, Cyser, lemon juice, ginger, Angostura Bitters

Tiki Time ~ 10

Cowichan Rhumb, Rosemary Cinnamon syrup, Merri Berri, lime juice, Peychaud's Bitters

Wine & Bubbly

Domaine de Chaberton 13.1% ~ 6oz ~ 7 9oz ~ 9.5 Litre ~ 25

Local house red or white wine

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Fresh Pressed Apple Juice ~ 7
Phillips Soda Works ~ 7

Choose From: Root Beer, Orange Cream, Ginger Ale

Merridale Signature Sodas ~ 7

Choose from:Lavender-Lemon, Ginger, Fennel Fizz

Drumroaster Coffee ~ 4
Tea ~ 4
Non-Alcoholic Flight ~ 7

Try all our signature sodas and our fresh pressed apple juice!