Red Wagon Picnics

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Do you remember the classic red wagons from days gone by? Do you remember when summers were long, picnics were plentiful, and family gatherings were often? Well, now’s your chance to relive those experiences with a Red Wagon Picnic at Merridale.

There’s a certain charm about our farm, one that you really must experience in person to understand. You’ll feel it as soon as you arrive. Maybe it’s our long, winding driveway or the expanses of green, rolling farmland that allows you to relax as you approach Merridale Road. Or maybe it comes later, in the moment when you find yourself standing in our open courtyard, birds chirping, fountain quietly gurgling, the scent of fruit trees floating in the gentle breeze… and you feel it. This is the Merridale effect.

One of the best parts about visiting the farm, aside from this feeling, is sharing it with the people you love. This is why we have Red Wagon Picnics!

Here’s how it works: You tell us when you want to come to Merridale for an afternoon, and how many people you’ll be bringing. For a Red Wagon Picnic, it must be at least ten people. (If your group is smaller than ten, you can still enjoy a self-guided orchard tour and then eat in our Bistro, which has a big covered patio and overlooks the orchard). Choose your lunch items and drinks, plus any extras, and leave the rest to us!


When you arrive at Merridale for your picnic, you’ll check in at our tasting bar and pick up your picnic basket. Put it in the red wagon and head out into the orchard.

There’s a covered tent area so you’ll have shade on a sunny day, or you can opt to sit in the sunshine and soak up some vitamin D. It’s totally up to you.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary or upcoming nuptials, a red wagon picnic is a perfect opportunity to share food, drinks, and laughs in a private area of our orchard reserved just for you. Play games, take photos, and enjoy some quality time together.

We hope that you book a Red Wagon Picnic this summer at Merridale! To find out about availability and pricing, get in touch with us by phone or complete our online request form.