An Update on Dockside: A Message from Rick

The height of summer is one of the busiest times at the farm – tours, tastings, live entertainment, food, drink…the list goes on. This year, it has also been a busy planning period for our new location in Victoria. Some of you have seen the drawings for our next new venture up at our farm in Cobble Hill. Others have seen the fence banners at the Victoria location site itself, which is across from Point Hope Shipyard. And, many of you have asked, “when is the opening date?”  

Well, we have certainly hit some bumps, but Dockside is still coming. We are taking the following approach: Good things take time, great things take more time, and truly exceptional things take even more. Or, patience is a virtue that is often rewarded, or a stitch in time…. There are so many sayings to explain how we feel but we are getting so close and we are almost there.

It is a complex design project that combines sustainability with integration into a growing community while still focusing on the guest experience. We obtained our Development permit approval from City Council last September and submitted our application for a building permit in December, but we are still waiting for our final building permit approval. We have been working closely with planners and building inspectors at the City to fine-tune the design in a way that allows our future customers to get the most out of their experience in the new space.

The new building is designed to create an inclusive space with no wall between the production and guest areas, and the rooftop patio is designed to present views of the shipyard and city in a way that is sensitive to the neighbourhood. These criteria are taking a bit more time to sort out with the helpful people at the City, but once we get our building permit we will start mobilizing on the site and we can’t wait!

Thanks for your continued support and patience. We hope to see you in Cobble Hill soon.


- Rick