A Merridale Wedding

Food & Drink

Everything at Merridale is made on-site or sourced locally. We make our own craft cider and spirits, and our chefs source ingredients close to home before crafting them into inspired dishes right here on site.

Our wedding team will assist you with all your food and beverage choices as we map your perfect day together. Whether it’s a signature cocktail that reflects your personal style as a couple or a special late-night canape for your guests, our offerings are both delicious and innovative. Dietary considerations are a breeze for our skilled team.

Wedding Cakes & Cupcakes

We are very proud of our bakery at Merridale. We use brick ovens and cider yeast which allows us to create unique, rustic breads and other tasty baked goods. We are pleased to offer a variety of wedding cakes, cupcakes and pies that reflect the natural beauty of our orchard, and will be the perfect sweet centerpiece for your special day.